It's rare to find someone with expertise in using both words and images to tell your story. Randee has expertise and experience in writing, editing, and graphic design, so she can take your project from concept to production. 

P15 Creative can be your one-stop-shop for communicating your message to the world.


I will create original content based on notes or an outline you provide, or from research and interviews I conduct.

  • Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Non-fiction

  • News, features, or sports


Have you tried to put your knowledge on paper and realized it needs more than just an editor to fix? I will take your rough draft of a non-fiction manuscript and add, delete, or reorganize your content to create a new draft.

Newsletters or Magazines

Hand me the project, and I'll see it through from beginning to end. I will write and edit the content, find or create corresponding graphics, and design the pages. You will get a completed newsletter ready to print or publish online.


If you're an expert in your field with no writing background, I will interview you to extract your knowledge, and then I will put your stories into words. You will be credited as the author.

Developmental editing

Developmental editing focuses on the elements of the fiction story, such as characters, plot, setting, pacing, and point of view. You'll receive comments in the text itself, and an editorial letter giving overall suggestions. I may note corrections to grammar and spelling, but they are not the primary focus.

Through my master's degree in genre fiction, I am confident in editing all genres. However, I am most familiar with romance reader expectations and therefore specialize in romance developmental editing (all heat levels and sub-genres except inspirational). Unfortunately, I can't edit horror, or I would never sleep again.


Substantive editing

This heavy edit of a document looks at overall organization, clarity, accuracy, and presentation of the non-fiction material. You will get comments and queries in the text itself, as well as an editorial letter with overall suggestions. I may note corrections to grammar and spelling, but they are not the primary focus of the edit.

Copy editing (line editing)

This is a word-by-word edit correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, word choice, and consistency of style. I edit using the Chicago Manual of Style or the AP Stylebook.

Comprehensive Edit

Includes both developmental/ substantive editing and copy editing, and it may be done over several drafts.

EFA Rates & Ethics

My prices are within the standard ranges of the Editorial Freelance Association, and I maintain the ethics detailed in their Code of Fair Practice, which can be found here.

Graphic Design

I define graphic design as combining typography and graphic elements into a visual representation of your message that will best appeal to your audience.

I specialize in static images that will be printed or displayed on a screen. Some examples include (click on a category to be taken to that portfolio page)

  • Branding cohesive imagery used across mediums

  • Logos — including t-shirt design

  • Editorial/Page design newsletters, show programs, bulletins

  • Environmental Signage and decorative banners

  • Marketing/Advertising brochures, flyers, loop slides, posters, etc. 

  • Other — book covers, swag, slide decks, photo books, or just about anything you need designed. And, although they're not my specialty, I will occasionally tackle a website for a good cause.


Photo Editing

May include removing a background, merging two pictures, correcting color or exposure, or adding type or graphical elements to a photo.

Print Management

I will price and oversee printing of any project I've designed. 

Please note:

I am best at finding existing elements and putting them together to convey your meaning. I am not a graphic artist and do not create original artwork.

I do not usually work with websites or videos, although I have some experience in both. I will be honest about any project you present, and I'll let you know up front if I'm right for the job.