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General rate is $30/hour, so all estimates work toward that figure. 

How long will your particular project take? I'll work through a few pages and be able to give you an estimate before we start. 

Writing Rates
  • Fiction/creative  ... 25 cents/word

  • Marketing/PR ... 50 cents/word

  • Journalistic ... 25 cents/word

  • Non-fiction (with research) ... $30/hour


Editing Rates

All rates below are based on the standards set by the Editorial Freelance Association.

A standard manuscript page is 250 words.

  • Simple proofreading  ... 1.2 cent/word ($3/page)

  • Basic copyediting  ... 2 cents/word ($5/page)

  • Heavy copyediting ... 3-4 cents/word

  • Developmental editing ... 4-5 cents/word


Graphic Design
  • Graphic design ... $30/hour

  • Page design (primarily text) ... $3/page

  • Page design (text and images) ... $12/page


Quotes and Evaluations in Advance

I will edit a few pages of your manuscript or closely examine the project prior to taking on a new client in order to give us both an idea of what the project will entail and how much it will cost.


The Editorial Freelancers Association has a great resource page if you're looking for information about hiring. 

Click HERE to see info about rates, best practices, editing samples and more. There's even a section with information for new authors. 

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